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  • Last update: 3 years ago
  • Version: 4.4
  • Size: 128 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Kirill Shishkin
  • Content rating: You must be at least 17 years old to download this app.
  • Languages: English
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Solitare free for iPhone & iPad Description


Play the #1 SOLITAIRE FREE' (or Klondike / Patience) card game for your iPhone & iPad!

Classic Solitaire, also known as Klondike Solitaire, is the most popular card game in the world. Try the BEST FREE SOLITAIRE card app, which is beautiful and fun like old classic Windows Solitaire.


· Beautiful graphics
· Klondike gameplay
· Timer mode
· Draw 1 or 3 cards
· Statistics
· Personal records
· Choose your card style
· Tablet support
· Portrait
· Landscape

Simple and addicting, Solitaire Classic.

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  • a
    Update (latest review): The crooked developer of this piece of junk just changed the icon and name from the former “Casino Slots 777 whatever” to this new “Solitaire free’”. Because I thought I might have had a free solitaire app, I upgraded, not knowing it was the same Casino app that had initially hijacked the former “Trippin' Fest” (read my previous review below). So I had to re-transfer the app again to get Trippin’ Fest back. So now the solitaire app hijacked the casino app, which hijacked Trippon’ Fest. I bet the developer will change the app name and icon once again when enough people realize this is the 2nd iteration of a junk app that hijacked Trippin’ Fest and write bad reviews accordingly. From what I understand, the developer of Trippin' Fest got a job with Apple, so he couldn’t keep his apps in the Apple Store because of a conflict of interest. I don’t know if he sold his rights to this Kirill Shishkin person or what, but Shishkin hijacked Trippin Fest with these junk games. First review: I unknowingly overwrote the fun art app, “Tripping Fest” with this piece of junk. Read the reviews of this app prior to this update. People loved it! Now, somehow Tripping Fest got overwritten/hijacked by a stupid slots game. It doesn’t even look like it’s the same developer. How is this even allowed by Apple to hijack another app like this? Fortunately, I was able to get the app back on my iPhone because I have an old iPad with it on, so I just transferred it through iTunes. But if you don’t have an older version of it lying around and you update to this, you are out of luck. I wish I could give it 0 stars. And I will find out how to report it to Apple. Updating an app is one thing, but this is hijacking it. It doesn’t even warn you before you update that this is a completely different app. And now I will never be able to do an “Update All” on my iPhone again. I will have to select which apps to update individually now because I don’t want to accidentally overwrite Tripping Fest. What an unethical developer.
  • K
    Because the app does what it says (based on its description), I give it the earned 5 stars. Cons I have found are: 1. Ads. randomly fill the screen juuuust before I touch a card, which takes me out of the game to a separate screen. As annoying as ads. may generally be, this is extra troublesome to me because the games are timed and so being pulled out because of a pop up ad. is stressful (as far as beating one's record goes). 2. In Options, it is possible to change how you want your game (1 or 3-card draw, sound/silence, table/card image...) but no matter what you change it to, it does not stay saved that way after closing the app. When you open it again, it is reset to default (how it is directly affecting downloading the app.) and you must go back through Options to reset it how you'd like. *Every. Time.* 3. (**This is a con based on personal preference, not on faulty app. creation.**) When touching to draw 1 or 3 cards, it is slower than I like. (I play Solitaire with my mates via FB Messenger and it draws cards much faster. It also has unlimited Undo's, which this app allows only 3 Undo's each game. As for the sounds of the cards, (if you like it; I do not) it is realistic to how cards sound IRL so mayhap that would make this app. the perfect choice for you. OVERALL: I give 5 stars because it is accurate to how it was described before downloading it. As far as Solitaire games go, it is that. I would not deem it the best, as it claimed (as so many other Solitaire apps. claim their own to be...) but if you want a general Solitaire game to play, this will suit you well enough. I took away two stars because of cons 1 and 2 mentioned before.
  • AR
    Apple Rocks!!
    This app is one of the best apps ever in the category of art. It lets you change colors and also pick designs. One little problem is that it only let's you upload your artwork on Facebook. You CAN NOT upload to your photo library. Since I don't want buy the paid version, I take a screenshot and crop what I don't want. Hope this helps for people who want to save their artwork!

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