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More Ads Coming To Facebook Messenger on UltimateFreepps Top Blog

Facebook Messenger is aiming to take full advantage of its chatting bots popularity. After the testing period, the social network giant is launching a new advertising platform.

Therefore, the highly-targeted ads will appear in your Message Thread, instead of News Feed. It’s not going to be a spam avalanche for all users, though. The sponsored messages will get only to those users who have ever requested any information from a company’s bot before.

And it’s yet unknown whether the platform will distinct messages sent to automated chat bots and those sent to human representatives.

 Brands use facebook messenger bots for business

Plus, Facebook didn’t leave News Feed unchanged, making possible for its users to talk directly to the brands in the Messenger. This way the app has made another step to simplify online shopping and communication between brands and customers

Do you often use brands’ support pages? How useful is the new ad platform going to be for you? Let us know in the comments section!

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    Frank Olivo
    1 year ago
    We've been suggesting these sorts of ads to businesses that either 1. tend to receive a lot of questions before a buyer purchases or 2. work in a "time-sensitive" industry where they are likely to increase conversion rates by chatting immediately with a new client vs. responding to an email request. We wrote a post about it at
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    2 years ago
    want to know why monster legends is not downloading
  • s
    2 years ago
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