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It is always a smart idea to browse the various options in your preferred game genre so that you don’t miss out on something you like. And if you are someone who enjoys open world games, then you should bookmark this page right now.

Here we’ve picked the best iOS games, where you might spend countless hours exploring the open world environments and completing challenging quests. The more you sink into them, the more items, characters, powers, and other customizations you unlock.

You can download each of these open world iOS games on our site.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition poster

We start with the massive hit, which continues to bring in new players to its fan base on a daily basis. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the true definition of the open world game with the plenty of customization options and unlimited resources to create whatever your imagination tells you. You will explore randomly generated worlds, craft tools and weapons, collect resources, fight mobs, and build incredible works of art.

In the latest free Ender Update, you will face the Ender Dragon in the iconic ultimate boss battle. And as it goes with every update, you also get new skin pack, texture pack, and the new world to have exciting adventures alone or with your friends.

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas poster

Gangstar Vegas is a great free option for those who like Grand Theft Auto and Saint’s Row type of games. You play as the MMA fighter hunted by the crime lord Frank Veliano after you had refused to fall down in the biggest fighting match of the year. Since then, you are the most wanted man in the city.

Like all of the games on this list, Gangstar Vegas delivers an open world that lets you do whatever you want. With an awesome soundtrack, a variety of vehicles and weapons, and a pretty big map of Las Vegas, it has proven to be a must-have open world game for mobile users.

MadOut Open City

MadOut Open City poster

Madout Open City is a crazy combat race, which allows you to destroy your rivals with the most creativity. You don’t just knock them off the road. Don’t get shy and get rid of them by smashing their cars, launching missiles, and planting mines — there is no rules.

The game features the beautiful open world with a huge variety of cars, locations and weather conditions. As you proceed, you will experience the dynamic chases, upgrade your vehicles and weapons, and fight in the breathtaking battles.

Plus, you can easily play Madout Open City with your friends. The game lets you split the screen up to four players. In this case, it will suit better for iPads due to the larger interface.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Suicide Squad Special Ops poster

Suicide Squad: Special Ops is a well-designed, engaging, and entirely free game, which turned out more than just a dull part of the movie marketing campaign. It is a strong entry among FPS mobile games.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops is an endless open world survival game where you play as three characters from the original movie: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and El Diablo. You will chase a high-score fighting against undead humanoid monsters who are armed with the assault rifles and axes. You can play for as long as you can survive, and then compare your results with the other players on a daily, weekly and all-time leaderboard.

You can choose the order you play the characters, and as each dies, the next surviving member of the squad takes over. All three characters have unique skills and weapons for different types of attacks, so the gameplay offers you a responsive melee and ranged combat.

And what’s the most notable is that Suicide Squad: Special Ops doesn’t have a single in-app purchase.

Radiation Island

Radiation Island poster

Radiation Island features the open world environment filled with dark secrets, anomalies, harsh weather, wild animals, and enraged zombies. The game will rattle your nerves, awe you and keep your hooked throughout.

After the failed teleportation experiment in the middle of World War II, you find yourself stranded on the dangerous island, which is a part of the parallel, alternative universe. You will need to explore all the deepest parts of this world to keep your hunger satisfied, keep warm during the night and get basic resources from whacking trees and stones to make simple tools, weapons, and basic vehicles.

Combat in Radiation Island is well handled with ranged weaponry that auto-locks onto a target for you to accommodate for aiming. The melee combat is a bit clunky, though.

Overall, Radiation Island delivers an engaging story, great visuals, and a user-friendly mindset, which makes it one of the best single-player survival games for mobile devices.

Nimian Legends: BrightRidge HD

Nimian Legends BrightRidge poster

Nimian Legends: BrightRidge HD is an open world game, which makes exploration an objective and reward in itself. And in this regard, it does just enough to succeed. There’s a whole world waiting for you to explore the wonderful forests, mountain-side, and abandoned towers.

The game was originally launched in 2014, and since then it’s had some updates by adding more story and structure, making it more like a traditional RPG rather than just an exploration sandbox.

If you are ready for adventure, try the Ballad of BrightRidge and Love & Tin, the two magical adventures in Story Mode. Or choose Explore mode and experience the game without quests or enemies. You can find the ancient whale that swims the oceans, hidden ruins that dot the land, and even see through the eyes of nearby animals in the “Spirit View.”

There’s no rush. If you are feeling any stress, Explore Mode will let you just breathe and explore the valleys, wild rivers and waterfalls at your own pace.

Plus, Nimian Legends: BrightRidge lets you customize almost anything at any time. You can change the time of day, turn on Watercolor mode, experience a living painting, and add various effects and filters.


Crashlands poster

Crashlands is a hilarious crafting RPG, which is unbelievably well-designed down to virtually the last detail. You play as the galactic trucker named Flux Dabes who is just trying to do his job of delivering shipments to their intended destinations. Unfortunately, one day, some alien menace named Hewgodooko blows up your ship and force you to escape with your robot companion.

You end up crashing on a weird, alien planet Woanope and must scavenge around for resources to survive until you get back on your feet with your delivery job. You will learn recipes from the local sentient life, uncover ancient secrets, make new friends, fight deadly bosses, and build yourself a home-away-from-home.Then, as the story goes on, you’ll unravel the sinister plot, and it will be up to you to save the day and the universe.

The game is definitely worth a try as it drops the ball neither on open world emergent gameplay and an exciting linear main quest.

Have you played any of these awesome games? Write your favorite open world game in the comment section below.

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