15 best Icon Packs for your Android

15 best Icon Packs for your Android on UltimateFreepps Top Blog

No one wants to get stuck with the default, or worse - ugly, app icons forever, nor to have a home screen just like everybody else's. It’s great when the look of your device suits your personal taste.

Thank goodness Android is flexible and allows altering smartphone’s interface widely. You can change wallpapers, homes creens colors and their numbers, ringtones and fonts, add widgets and additional panels, customize standard icons or even create your own. If your interface is as dull as ditch water, make sure to grab these sweet android icon packs to personalize it.

Wondering how to change android icons? You’ll need a launcher, like Nova or Apex, to switch things up. When you install the icons package, open launcher’s settings and choose right icons.

Moonrise Icon Pack

The icons in this set were designed from scratch to create a unique style. A mix of vivid colors with dark base depicts the combination of moon and night.

Best icons for AndroidBest icons for Android


This app includes 4259 icons, covering over 18400 apps. Icons are white, elegant and quite minimalistic. If you've already jumped the minimalism bandwagon, this pack is all you need to create a clutter-free smart home screen.

Sweet Android IconsSweet Android Icons


As the sweet name suggests, this pack comes with high-quality icons that replicate the stock icon design of Android 7.0.

Cool icon pack


First, crumpled, then unfolded and stuck to your desktop - this is what the icons look like. Change most of the apps icons and generates the rest in the same style.

Awesome icons set

Pixel UI

The app contains free icons with clean round design that follows pixel icon design language. You also get a ton of HD wallpapers, icon masking for unthemed icons support and an icon request tool.

Pack of Android iconsPack of Android icons



Conciseness and clearness. Ascetic design. Minimalists will appreciate this icon pack for sure. Applications missing in the pack will be presented as their icons in white circles.

Top Icons PackTop Icons Pack



There is no need to explain this apps charm. The eight-bit picture is awesome. Period.

Sweet set of iconsSweet set of icons


Dark symbols with the colored background and a shadow flying on your desktop. Icons look better on the monochrome wallpapers.

Articstic icons set Articstic icons set


Retro Icons Pack

Soft pastel colors are pleasant to look at. The package will be to the taste of vintage style lovers.

Unique pastel icons

Numix Circle icon pack

Another pack with purely round icons. The reasonably bright color scheme will create an elegant interface.

Circle Icon PackCircle Icon Pack




Interesting mix of rich dark and soft light colors. Grey, red and orange tones prevail in this pack.

Unique Icons Package Unique Icons Package



High-resolution icons look like bright three-dimensional buttons. App includes
4730+ incredibly detailed icons.

Bright High-resolution iconsBright high-resolution icons



Simple, flat and stylish. There is nothing superfluous in Platoon icon pack - wide diversity of clean, bright design icons will cover all your needs.Stylish icons set


The app is a beta version package, so it has only 400 icons for now. But high quality, consistency, and creative design compensate the lack of quantity.

Creative package of Icons

Belle UI

Carefully drawn icons have a unique look: they are made manually based on Vector Graphic. The app gets updated frequently and is compatible with most launchers.

High-resolution Icon PackHigh-resolution Icon Pack


A change for the better

Now you saw everything. Hope you liked apps of our choice as much as we did. It’s time to pick what’s best for you and make your device look as you want it to. Sometimes the new home screen is like a breath of fresh air: just what you need.


Have any questions? Go to the comment section below to get answers. And share your favorite icon packs with us, if you think we’ve missed any.


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